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The design and shape of all roofs is to allow water to run off your roof quickly. When you have a build-up of roof moss and debris, the water cannot flow away efficiently, so the moss absorbs the rain water, stopping it from flowing into the gutters and safely away from your building.

When this happens your roof remains in a damp condition for longer periods due to the excess water. This often creates further problems such as water ingress and internal black mould as well as excess weight buildup. These prolonged damp conditions also promote the perfect environment for even more moss to grow on your roof.

At CCPW, we can safely remove moss, clean roof tiles and apply a biocide to the roof to help with moss regrowth. A clean roof is aesthetically more pleasing on the eye, adding kerb appeal to your property (as well as neighbour envy). We never walk on your roof, all our work is done from cherry picker basket or scaffold towers.

Using low pressure steam method provides the best clean for you roof tiles and peace of mind that high pressure water isn’t damaging the surface or substructure.

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Roof Cleaning in Liverpool, Formby, Birkdale, Crosby

Roof Cleaning


We roof clean in all of Liverpool, Sefton and West Lancashire. For your free quotation for our roof cleaning services then why not call one of our local numbers and we’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

Gutter Cleaning in Liverpool, Formby, Birkdale, Crosby

What do we clean?


We clean all kinds of roofs from slate to tile. If we can access the roof, we can clean it and restore it back it its original condition. We use specialist cleaning solutions which target the dirt and grime without affecting the material of your roof.

Roof Cleaning in Liverpool, Formby, Birkdale, Crosby

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At CCPW we have over 10 years experience in roof cleaning and have found the latest equipment, best chemicals and the knowledge to ensure your roof cleaning goes smoothly.

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