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Here is our blog post regarding a commercial premises with blocked guttering. We were contacted to provide a quote for the cleaning of guttering so that water flows to downspouts and doesnt sit and drip down the cladding and causing rust, water staining and damp.

The first issue we have is to assess the site to conclude a few major points.

• Terrain surrounding the premises
• How high are the gutters from the ground
• Assess what powered access to use
• How to remove any blockages safely
• Cleaning all mess created to leave like new




We supply a RAMS document which covers all aspects of risk and safety to operator, premises and also general public in the vicinity of the building and operation. Upon starting the clean, we access the guttering using chosen cherry picker. Survey the blockages and use best method to remove and clean out. We scraped the bird mess that had accumulated in the gutters to allow water to flow free and stop all drippig water which had caused water staining and rust to public facing cladding. We done the same method on both sides of the building and cleaned all excess dirt of cladding to leave it looking like new.

We have left with the owner a reccomendation on ongoing maintenance and preventative measures to eradicate future problems similar to what we found here.

For a free quotation for your building, no matter how big or small then please call us on 08009202027 or email us at info@ccpw.co.uk