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Cleaning resin bound surfaces is essential for several reasons:

Maintaining Appearance
Regular cleaning keeps the surface looking aesthetically pleasing by removing dirt, debris, and stains. This preserves the original color and texture of the resin bound surface.

Preventing Weed Growth
Debris and organic matter can encourage weed growth if not regularly removed. Keeping the surface clean prevents weeds from establishing themselves in the resin-bound system.

Ensuring Permeability
Resin bound surfaces are designed to be permeable, allowing water to drain through. A buildup of dirt and debris can clog the surface, reducing its permeability and potentially causing water pooling or drainage issues.

A clean surface reduces the risk of slips and falls by removing slippery substances like algae or moss. This is particularly important in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the lifespan of the resin bound surface by preventing damage caused by dirt, organic growth, and trapped moisture.

Preventing Structural Damage
Over time, accumulated dirt and debris can cause wear and tear, leading to cracks or other structural issues. Cleaning helps maintain the integrity of the surface.

In the images attached, we visited a property in Formby to steam clean their resin driveway.

In summary, regular cleaning of resin bound surfaces is crucial for preserving their functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.