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Over time, timber decking (the ups most popular choice of board) can become ingrained with alters, moss, dirt and the leeching effect of the tanalised treatment coming to the surface.

We were called to a decking in Aughton that was suffering with most of the above mentioned effects. We quickly assessed that we needed to strip, neutralise and then sand down the boards to leave it with the best possible finish, in preparation for possible oiling or staining.

Decking cleaning is done in 3 parts, this gives the advantage of minimising damage to the boards with high pressure, and we use the products which are available from www.owatrol-direct.co.uk

First part is the stripping of dirt, algaes and other pollutants from the surface. We apply a generous amount of owatrols Prep-deck which is a market leader in this type of product. It turns the timber boards a slight orange colour which is perfectly normal, and lets us know that its working. We then gently pressure clean the boards at approx 80-100 bar and using a fan jet, move with the grain, up and down the boards for a great finish and no overlap marks.

Second part is application of owatrols Nettrol. This neutralises the effects of the Prep-deck and enhances the natural look of the timber boards to more golden finish, removing the orange tint of the Prep-deck stripper. As with before, its low pressure cleaned off and allowed to dry.

Last of all, after a few days of drying out, we return to sand the boards using 80, 120 and 200 grit paper. This leaves a smooth, golden finish, almost like new to the deck.

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