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If your gutters at home are blocked and overflowing, it can lead to a number of issues that are very time consuming and expensive to repair. Blocked guttering can cause damp issues arising from falling water soaking outer walls and escaping into cavities. If the blockage is severe then the build up of water can add too much weight into the channels and force a collapse of the gutter.

We use a 3600w gutter vacuum to do a number of things. Firstly, we will use a mounted camera to obtain video surveillance of the gutters to identify what and where the blockages are located. We then, using all three suction motors available, vacuum the guttering to remove all debris and surface water. we make a minimum of three passes along the gutters to make sure we collect as much as possible. Lastly, we use the camera again to survey the guttering one more time to, 100% make sure that all channels are running free and flowing to downpipes.


The main culprits causing blockages include leaves, moss, growing plant life and small tennis like balls. Using gutter vacuum cleaning methods means we can safely clean from the ground to eliminate the need for ladders and climbing 20-28ft above the ground to work. Ask us for our fixed price gutter cleaning service and you wont be disappointed.