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Here at CCPW we love nothing more than seeing results of our driveway cleaning services bringing happiness and satisfaction to our clients and ourselves. 
We were asked recently if we could clean a driveway that was block paving, Laid 15 years ago, and covered in surface dirt and selected perennial weeds. 
We agreed a price with client and set about arranging a date and time to start the cleaning of the driveway that fitted our schedule and was of the least inconvenience to our customer. 
Using industrial cleaning equipment and techniques and chemical formulas we can achieve phenomenal results. This was no different. 
Once cleaned, dried and resanded the client was ecstatic with how the driveway was looking. From tired, dirty and weed growth visible, we transformed it to almost brand new, fresh and vibrant. It’s a driveway anyone can be proud of. 
If you have a driveway that you think we can help make like new again then please contact us and we can arrange free quotation for cleaning services. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 
If you e are always available to help with your specific requirements for any type of exterior surface cleaning needs on 0800 920 2027.