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How to maintain your patio during the summer and winter

It’s summertime again, or it’s meant to be, and is the perfect season to spend time relaxing on your patio. Although not very comfortable soaking up the sun if your patio is dirty and in bad shape, the right kind of maintenance will help keep your patio summer ready.

Your patio requires regular maintenance and there are a few things you can do each year to ensure thats it’s ready for the summer and last much longer.

Protect your patio against the winter

Despite the fact that you aren’t using your patio amid the winter, you have to keep on top of maintaining it. Icy temperatures, snow, ice and dampness can cause a great deal of harm to your patio.

It may be easy to remove any garden furniture and keep them out of harms way during the winter period but protecting your patio itself can be a little harder. It’s rather important to ensure small damages to your patio don’t transform into bigger ones which can destroy the look and stability of your patio.

It’s after the winter when the snow and ice begin to clear that you really need to check your patio for cracks and and damage. It’s these cracks that allow water to enter and as it freezes, it expands and in turn causes a small crack into a larger unsightly one. Spotting and repairing these cracks early will increase the life of your patio.


Spring Clean Up

Now winter has passed, it’s time to clean your patio and prepare it for the summer. Start by taking a hard brush and clearing all the leaves, dirt and any surface debris. This will uncover any cracks or damage that will need repairing before a clean can begin.

Before you clean your patio using a domestic pressure washer, ensure all the repairs have dried and settled. When using your pressure washer, please ensure you read the instructions and follow any manufacturer guidelines.

Pick a corner of your patio and begin cleaning moving the lance from side to side to make sure all areas are covered. Depending on how powerful your pressure washer is you may need to go over your patio twice.

Once dry your patio should be nice and clean ready to enjoy during the hot days.

Protect Your Patio Against The Summer Heat

It’s not just the winter snow that causes damage to your patio, the blistering summer sun can be equally as damaging and cause it to fade and discolour over time.

It’s tricky to protect your patio during the summer as it’s when you want to spend most of your time utilising it but a few little tricks can help prolong it’s life and colour.

Creating shade for your patio can give protection against the sun as well as keeping your family cool and comfortable during the midday sun. A garden table and chair set with a parasol is a perfect choice.

Much down to personal preference, you can actually buy patio rugs and carpets which are designed to provide a softer feel for your patio while entertaining. These rugs are also designed for style and luxury and can be used to cover up areas of your patio which are a little darker or unsightly. These patio rugs are easy to apply and even easier to roll up and put away for the winter.

So if you want to have your patio looking clean and summer ready, a few simple maintenance tips that will make your summer more comfortable.


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