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Patio cleaning and repointing in Liverpool. 

When asked about repointing old broken pointing in your Indian stone patios etc. We provide an estimate to clean all the area, remove and dispose of old material and replace with a resin compound in a colour to enhance the stone.

Patio cleaning is done using steam cleaning and cleaning solutions to remove black spot, lichens and organic growth.
To remove old pointing we use grinders to achieve the best results and clean lines. We repoint using a resin compound brushed in to all gaps and left to cure for 48 hours to leave it solid and stable.

The results can be quite breathtaking from initial clean and even better once repointed fully and stone enhanced.

For any Indian stone patio cleaning and patio repointing requirements then why not call us or send us a message and see how we can help you.

If you have a patio requires cleaning and repointing then please call us on 0800 920 2027 or email us at info@ccpw.co.uk