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Domestic patios look very attractive and add value to any property when installed, but over time they can deteriorate due to algae, moss and loss or broken pointing material.

If your patio is starting to look past its best then thats where we can help.

After we recieve your enquiry, we shall arrange a visit to look at the condition of the patio, and ask you the customer what your expectations are in regards to how it will finish.

Standard procedure for these types of project include, agreeing a price for all work to be carried out, agreeing a date and times plus a time frame for work to be completed. The first task is to clean the patio first asnd chemically treat the area also to remove all organic growth and any black spot (lichen).

Once cleaned, we remove all existing pointing material and dispose safely. By removing all old material it enhances the patio to a like new finish when new pointing material is applied. We offer a selection of pointing materials, different colours etc, so that is decided beforehand. We then apply the pointing compound (resin based) to the patio to solidify the stones and complete the job. 

All of our quotes are free and there is no obligation to proceed, please use our contact page to start the ball rolling.