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When you have your properties coated in decorative K-Rend or similar, they look fabulous. Brilliant colours, fresh appeal and eye catching in glorious weather.

Over time, algaes, lichens and a natural organic staining (trentepohlia) can attach to the surface leaving behind green, black or sometimes even red markings on your lovely rendered surfaces.

Render cleaning to remove these stains should be done by professionals who know how to remove them safely without risk of damage to the substrate, as jet washing these types of areas can lead to unrepairable damage.

Our render cleaning service offers you peace of mind and a guarantee to remove 99% if not all traces of organic staining that makes your home or business look very unsightly.

Check out some of these images pertaining to show the differences we can make using proven methods for render cleaning, wether you are based in Liverpool, Sefton or other surrounding areas.