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A regular driveway cleaning customer of mine asked us to quote for his and their neighbours roof to be cleaned early this year, we calculated a cost, including the use of a cherry picker, and sent it over for consideration. It was accepted, dates booked in and all equipment necessary arranged on time.

When it comes to roof cleaning we never take chances on safety of operatives, safety of public and also safety to the property. We never walk on your roof, we use cherry pickers, scaffold towers and extendable poles to achieve the clean in the best possible way.

This roof was a Marley Modern roof tile in a terracotta colour. When brand new they look amazing, over the years they become black with dirt, algae’s and most commonly moss growing on them.

We use a super heated steamer to clean the tiles, no high pressure, and then post treat with a biocide to prevent and inhibit regrowth. All downspouts are disconnected and temporary downspouts attached to collect moss and water. Walls, windows, flooring and neighbouring properties are cleaned up once roof is cleaned too.

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