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Our roof cleaning services we offer in Liverpool and Merseyside.

We get asked can we clean the roof safely from customers. The answer is yes and we have many methods to achieve that safely and effectively.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is what are the benefits of a clean roof?
The first answer we always give is that a build up of moss on the tiles can slowly start to lift them causing leaks and during winter it can break brittle tiles. The second reason we give is that aesthetically, its very pleasing to the eye and makes your home stand out from the rest.

When surveying a roof clean we look at a number of different factors in relation to health and safety. We want the job done right, safely and professionally. We NEVER walk on a roof, only in exceptional circumstances do we get onto a roof. We always use powered access or mobile scaffold towers to help us achieve the clean.

Once all cleaning is done we empty all guttering to leave them free flowing from moss debris. All surrounding areas are cleaned up and any waste removed. If broken tiles are inspected prior to cleaning we will advise you to replace afterwards with a roofing company.

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