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Certain questions come to mind when the subject of roof cleaning arises. Is it worth it?

  1. What are the benefits?
  2. Is it going to damage my tiles?
  3. Is it better to replace the roof?
  4. And many more have cropped up over time. 

I’ll attempt to answer thoroughly some of the questions we have been asked in relation to roof cleaning as to educate and hopefully convince you that roof cleaning is safe, affordable and beneficial to your property. 

Is it worth it?

Dependant on what you wish to achieve then this question is certainly answered in the affirmative. We can leave your roof looking better than ever and almost like new in some cases. Years of pollution, dirt, moss and weathering all steamed away leaving bright, fresh and vibrant tiles behind. 

What are the benefits?

The main benefit to roof cleaning is moss removal, moss can grow and damage tiles during winter months by freezing and lifting causing cracking to tiles. Moss then falls and blocks the gutter runs enabling water to cascade over and down the walls, potentially causing damp issues. 

Is it going to damage my tiles?

One of the main misconceptions of roof cleaning is that high pressure will damage the tiles and leave the roof open to water ingress and such. The method we use to clean the roof tiles is via steam cleaning, low pressure and super heated water. The temperature of the water enables a good clean at low pressure to abstain from damaging tiles, whilst killing organic staining due to temperatures above 63 degrees. 

Is it better to replace the roof?

Replacing with a new roof purely for cosmetic look is expensive compared to cleaning. A new roof is exactly that, new! We supply a rejuvenation service to existing roof tiles, not to bring back to brand new. Cleaning roof tiles and replacing tiles both have merits, ultimately it is the clients choice which avenue to go down and the reasons for this. 

Roof cleaning is a fast growing industry and many folks are attempting this as an add on to existing exterior cleaning business. We can offer peace of mind with 10m insurance supplied by hiscox, latest equipment, fully trained staff, site visit and survey prior to quote and all access is done via scaffold towers or suitable powered access. 

If you are the Liverpool, Sefton or west Lancashire area and would like a quote, chat or even more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via numerous methods. 

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