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How to safely, and efficiently clean decked areas and what are the benefits to cleaning and what preventative measures can be taken.


When decked areas are first laid, they look stunning and fresh. Lovely natural timber boards bring a highlight to any space. Over time the timber, if unprotected, can fade to a grey shade and algae and moss can start to form on the surface and in the timber grooves.


When undertaking the cleaning of the decking boards there are a few factors to take into consideration:


1. Are the boards damaged?
2. Have I got the right equipment?
3. How stubborn is the dirt on the decking?
4. Health and safety whilst cleaning!


Looking at point one, inspect the deck boards to make sure there are no splinters or chips in the wood. If applying pressure to decking and there is damage already there then you severely exaggerate the bad areas. Once satisfied that all is ok then we are ready to clean the area.


Having the right equipment is crucial to achieving the desired result. We use industrial, petrol powered engines and pumps. To clean decking you need good pressure but not too much. Using a fan nozzle instead of a turbo nozzle or FSC (flat surface cleaner) s essential as the latter can leave ring marks which become noticeable when drying.


If the decking is heavily soiled then using chemicals to clean the boards is recommended to the professional cleaner. Applying too much can cause burn marks to the wood. Always ask or seek advice on what to use and at what dilution rate.


Wearing non slip boots, waterproof clothing, gloves, goggles and face mask (if using chemicals) is essential. We can not stress how important your safety is whilst cleaning.


We always offer a free quote and demonstration for any of our cleaning services including decked areas. We have given a brief write up on how to safely clean decking. If you want a professional to clean it then please get in touch.