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Almost every household with a garden, every public house with a beer garden, restaurants, cafes, plus many more premises have wooden furniture for use.
If it is sitting out in the elements then gradually it will weather, go grey and grow green algae to make it unappealing to look at never mind use. The combination of weather changes, rain and time leave wood open to premature aging if not treated correctly.
Old staining and oils can flake and look just as bad also so it is our job to look after your property and restore it back to a condition you can be proud of and people enjoy using.
We DONT pressure wash wood. Too much pressure can damage wood and leave it beyond repair and leave a costly replacement bill looming. We use professional chemicals and low pressure cleaning techniques to achieve our results without undue stresses on the wood.
We do a 3 step clean and lighten to weathered wood and stained wood. This will achieve a higher quality finish, accompanied by a good oil to finish it off, leaving clients and customers happy.
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The images attached are a memorial bench that was stolen and painted black. Once recovered, we stripped paint back, sanded surfaces and oiled to achieve an almost brand new look to the bench. The customer was thrilled with our results, we done this one for free as we believe crime doesn’t and will not pay.